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hey friends
my laptop has officially died, and i’m in the middle of moving house, so i won’t be on much and i may be really god damn awful at replying (sorry)


everyone else: has a job; car, life 

me: is still sweating from polands 2014 eurovision entry 

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~ we got the house in rozelle
~ i got paaaaaiiiiiid (full time jobs have their benefits)
~ romeo & i are watching pretty in pink
~ i’m getting my shit together for the future

today has been a terrible day, i can’t wait to go home and marathon sex and the city x

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in my four years of living in sydney i have not found a group of friends as wonderful as my high school group. everyone i’ve met in sydney is just full of negativity and drama, but being with my good old toormi group over the weekend was so much fun and everyone was so happy and supportive and loving and fun.

i’m suffering serious post-wedding catch up blues right now.

i am truly so lucky to have such a solid friend group from high school. seeing them all again this weekend at our friend’s wedding was blissful, everything/everyone was full of love! i miss that group a lot sometimes, but it’s so soul-soothing to know that even without seeing some of these people for four years we can just come together and be right back to how we always were.

i just love being surrounded by love and happiness x ~

i’m in coffs harbour again and it feels so strange. i need a drink.

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chillin w my baby (i love him so much) #romeowmontamew xo

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ughhhh the cheap hotel in coffs isn’t available for this weekend so now i don’t know where to stay and i’m too nervous to just outright ask anyone for a place to crash so ughhhhhhh :(

i need a van so i can just sleep at the headland or something

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chilz w the bae (while the other bae is at work all night)